Monday, October 26, 2009

Writing & Wellness Connections Conference

Just back from Atlanta, Georgia where I attended the Third Annual Writing & Wellness Connections Conference.

I did a workshop called "Me, Myself and I: The Healing Power of Dialogues." Dialoging is a great technique I've used for decades.

Even before I was a psychotherapist, I was involved with gestalt therapy. You may have heard this therapy referred to "Two-Chair Work." It involves creating a dialogue between two parts of yourself that are somehow at odds or struggling with one another. By placing the two parts in conflict on the chairs (say your head and your heart or your child part and your adult part), you move back and forth dialoguing until a conclusion is reached.

In the 70's, I began to apply this method to writing. The written version looks somewhat like a screen play, with each of the parts or characters having their say. You can add as many characters or parts as you would like or need. You can also dialogue with other people, with your body, with your work, with a situation and so on.

This particular conference is unique in that it is multi-disciplinarian, which only serves to add to its richness. Medical professionals, therapists, teachers, writers and poets gather together. We share a passion for the healing connection between writing and wellness.

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