Thursday, March 31, 2011


About a month ago, I received the most wonderful e-mail a coach could get. It was from a young woman named Hannah who wrote, “Just wanted to let you know that one of your graduates is at bookstores and on Kindles everywhere! Couldn't have done it without you!”

Hannah has given me permission to share her story with you. (See for information on the just published Under Wraps and other upcoming books in the series).

A few years ago, Hannah took a day-long workshop from me called “Practical Strategies for New & Beginning Writers.” (Yes! This is the very same workshop available in home study format and that will be repeated live on April 9—see the events section of the newsletter).

In truth, Hannah was hardly a beginning writer, but she had quit her job to write full time. Then, came the dreaded writer’s block.

But as you may have guessed from the photo above, (that’s Hannah on the left), that didn’t stop this determined writer. She kept at it, joining one of our Writing Circles. (Yes! This is the very same Writing Circle starting soon in the San Jose, California area and available virtually by phone, twice monthly—see the events section of the newsletter).

Hannah showed up, session after session. She wrote, day after day. She will tell you that some days were certainly better than others. She may even tell you the creative ways she figured out how to avoid writing.

But what’s important in this story is that she kept at it. She has a three-series book contract and more books on the way.

I can’t promise that every student and every client story will end this way, but I can remind you why in every single book you ever read, authors tell us they didn’t get through the process alone.

Keep writing; get help and get support. I would be delighted to share your success story!

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