Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I notice I have been having a tiny bit of trouble staying focused lately. I’ve just finished a particularly challenging few months completing two big projects not directly related to my work. I suspect what is going on is that what I really want to do is goof off and not work all that much. However, there are some things that I absolutely need to get done.
What do you do when this happens? Make work play, of course! I came up with a few ideas and want to pass them along to you:
This is essentially an eat dessert first way of thinking, but sometimes it works. For example, I like to begin working with my desk cleared off. If the surface of my desk is covered with papers, books and yesterday’s mail, I consider how long it would take to clear my desk and put everything away. I set my timer for that amount of time and see if I can “beat the clock” and actually finish the task faster.
Most any task can be broken down into small bites. For example, I am currently starting to work on creating an online class that requires quite a bit of writing and planning. (I’ll let you know when it’s done and available!) It is not the kind of project that can be completed in one sitting. There are several things I might try. I enjoy mind maps, so I could create a fast mind map to start gathering ideas. Since the completed project is apt to be multi-media, and I love watching films, I could review some film clips I am considering. Sometimes starting with even a small task that is fun can be motivating for less interesting parts of a larger project.
I frequently forget to reward myself when I accomplish something I have set out to do. No wonder I get grouchy the next time I have to do a similar task! For example if I have planned to write for ten hours this week and I either do that amount of writing or exceed that amount of writing, I definitely must take myself out on an Artist’s Date. Do remember to make the reward equivalent to the task you have completed.
I would love to hear what happens with your attempts at making work fun. Let us know by leaving a comment on this blog.
Have fun!

Take good care,

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