Tuesday, August 2, 2011


You might remember a song called “Summertime Blues,” written and recorded by Eddie Cochran and later recorded by Alan Jackson. The lyrics tell the story of a teenager bemoaning his plight---having to work at a summer job.  The catchy refrain is of course; “Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a bit of the summertime blues the last few days as I realize how quickly the summer seems to have flown by! 

I invite you to join me and shake off the summertime blues. Get creative with these last few weeks of summer before school starts and fall programs begin. 

Grab your journal to make notes and find a quiet, private spot.  Then try these three ways to savor what remains of these precious summer days.


When you’ve settled in, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Let your breathing slow and deepen.  Now, remember three absolutely favorite moments of the summer so far. 

One of mine was watching my grandsons play with a Lego set with intense concentration and total involvement in their task.  What do you remember?  A walk on the beach as a cold wave lapped at your ankles?  Cotton candy at a state fair tasting just as good as you remembered it from childhood?  Pause, remember and make some notes.


Today, right now, stop whatever you are doing (even reading this article!)  What are you aware of?  What do you notice as you look around?  What do you see that brings you pleasure?

I’m sitting in my office as I write this, a Steven Halpern CD, in the background.  I stop for a moment and let the music wash over me; hearing each individual instrument and the harmony as the sounds meld.  I smile as I look more closely at a portrait on a wall calendar, seeing details in the picture I never noticed before.  Stay present with your experience.  Then, make some notes.


As you settle, become more relaxed and take a couple of deep breaths, use your imagination and think of something coming up in the near future.  Are you going camping in the woods next weekend?  Are you anticipating an exceptionally mouth-watering meal?

As I close my eyes, I think about getting back to a laugh out loud book I have been reading.  I think of the farmer’s market I’ll shop at in a few days and the taste of ripe strawberries.  Write down what you anticipate and increase the depth of your savoring.

You get the idea.  So, is there a cure for the summertime blues?  Try savoring your experiences---before, after and during.  It’s practically guaranteed to cure the summertime blues!

Take good care,

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  1. Ah, summertime...here on Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin we know how to savor this grand season!

    Each and every day is special, for we know that soon winter will be here, followed by winter, and soon, winter will arrive:-).