Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Recently, a creative, bright client of mine came in and sheepishly introduced a topic she had been avoiding for weeks.   

“I’m out-of-control,” she began.  “I feel so silly and embarrassed, really ashamed.”  She continued, “I have everything going for me, no complaints except…” She paused, took a deep breath and finally blurted out what she had been struggling with.  “I’ am utterly and completely disorganized.  It’s so overwhelming, I don’t know where to begin.”

My client is not alone.  Many creative people I know struggle with staying organized. Your degree of organization (or lack of it) can significantly influence your lifestyle and quality of life.  Yet, it can be a difficult topic to discuss, much less ask for help.

Here are some beginning areas to consider in assessing the disorganization in your life:
  • In What Specific Ways is Disorganization Holding You Back?  It can be painful to look at, but over the next few days, begin to list the ways in which your lack of organization makes your life difficult:
    • Do you run late for appointments, meetings and dates with others?
    • Do you have trouble locating important documents, bills or even your keys?
    • Does your lack of organization cause you to feel pressured and stressed?
    • Does your lack of organization impact your relationships with others?
    • Does disorganization impact your writing and creative life?
  • What Parts of Your Life are Organized?  We tend to think of organization in black and white terms.  Almost no one is completely organized or completely disorganized.  List the areas of your life that are organized and see what you can learn from this.  Consider your writing and creative projects, desk, car, closet and even your refrigerator.
  • Begin to Imagine What it Would Feel Like to Take Control and Get Organized. Once you have determined how disorganization is holding you back and the areas in which you actually are organized, spend some time visualizing living as completely organized a life as possible.  Visualize and imagine:
    • What would your new organized life look like?
    • What would your ideal organized life feel like?
    • What do you imagine would happen to your creative spirit if you were more organized?
  • Becoming Organized is a Process.  In reality, the areas of your life that are less organized than you would like, didn’t get that way overnight.  Be gentle with yourself as you explore the changes you would like to make.  To make changes and move toward greater organization will happen one small step at a time.
Next month we’ll continue to look at ways to get more organized and the impact it will have on your writing and creative life.  Stay tuned!
All best to you,


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  1. As a chronic clutter bug, the first step along the path to becoming organized has to be to get rid of the clutter that surrounds me.

    That, having been done, opens my mind to the possibility of actually becoming organized...maybe!

    All the best,


  2. All of this makes sense and your suggestions are very helpful.
    Thanks for inspiring me to clear my desk.