Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting Back to Basics

If you find yourself feeling out-of-focus, have the winter blahs, or are just generally out of sorts, try these ideas to get back in the game.


When you need to get to work and are feeling low energy, consider starting with a simple task. Consider things that have to be done anyway but that you generally don’t give much thought to like filing papers, watering your plants, scheduling future appointments, or updating your supply cabinet. You will still be accomplishing something, but you don’t need to put in too much effort.


If you generally go through your day at a breakneck pace, allow yourself to move slowly for a day or two. Things will still get done, but you’ll feel more relaxed. Take your time. Take 20 minutes when you usually take 10 to put away the groceries. Try driving the posted speed limit. Notice how it feels to move at a different speed.


If you nap on a regular basis, you already know the benefits of a mid-day nap. If you aren’t used to napping, notice how you feel after 20 minutes of daytime shut eye. You might even like it and start napping more often.


If your diet and exercise plans are somehow missing in action, gently begin a return to these healthy habits. Eating well and exercising will give you more energy. You don’t need to do things perfectly, but start to get back on track.


If your daily journaling has taken a back seat lately, rev up again with just 10 minutes a day. Don’t worry about going back and catching up. Just start with today. Note how you are feeling and what you want to accomplish just for today.

We all get off track sometimes. The trick is to not stay there. Take a deep breath and get back to basics.

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