Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As summer approaches, I get nostalgic for childhood summer vacations.  I miss the last day of the school year marking the beginning of summer.  I miss the long days of what felt like endless stretches of time. I miss playing outdoors until the last vestige of sun sets in a glorious pink, orange and purple glow. 
Unless you have a job or work that allows you several weeks off a year, you might also long for your own childhood memories of summer vacation.  This month I’d like to share some tips on how to create mini-vacations, no matter how little actual vacation time you have. 
What are the benefits of a mini-vacation?  You’ll find yourself more relaxed, energetic, focused and creative.  Try the ideas below and add your own to the list!
  • Get outdoors.  Take a long walk, hike or even just a walk around the block.

  • Be in nature.  Sit quietly near a tree, in a meadow or on the grass.  Watch closely what is going on around you.

  • Get near water.  Go to a stream, lake, river, waterfall or beach.

  • Bring cut flowers into your workspace.  Spend several minutes just looking at the detail of a flower.

  • Visualize a walk or hike you have taken in the past.  Sit for a few minutes and remember the feel of the sun, sand, rocks and wind.  

  • Look at art you enjoy.  Summer is a great time for outdoor art festivals.  Notice what pieces you are drawn to.

  • Select a piece of music that moves you.  Close your eyes and listen.

  • Go to a playground and swing on a swing.  Or better yet, take a child with you.

  • If it’s a rainy day, find a new museum to visit or check out what’s new at your local library.

  • Watch a funny film that will make you laugh.
We would love to hear your mini vacation ideas.  Let’s see how long a list we can create!  Please jump in and respond on this blog, by clicking the green 'Comments' link just below the P.S.  (Note: If you are the first, it will say '0 Comments' - just click that link.)

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  1. Susan- My PERFECT mini-vacation is a comfy chair and a great book - with lots of peace and quiet. Thanks for the inspiring article! Michelle