Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last month I wrote about mini-vacations, the art of taking quick trips and getting away without actually having to go anywhere. This month, I’m addressing how to enjoy writing while traveling and how to make it a creative part of your travels. Keeping a travel journal doesn’t have to be a drag. It can actually enhance your trip. Below are ten tips to integrate writing into your travel adventures!

  1. Just having an intention to be making notes while traveling will help you pay more attention to what you’re doing, seeing and experiencing.

  2. Don’t just write about where you’ve been, what you ate for dinner, etc., write about how you feel about your travel adventures.

  3. Save ticket stubs, maps and other mementos so your travel journal becomes more of a scrapbook. (For some great ideas see collage artist Erin Perry’s website, www.alteredbythesea.com)

  4. Incorporate photos into your travel journal. Go beyond tourist sites. Take pictures of what is meaningful and beautiful to you.

  5. Describe new smells, tastes and sounds. Use your senses and be descriptive. Here’s an example: The smell of early morning rain delighted me. I love the fresh, wet dirt, perfect for digging with discarded Popsicle sticks and the ticklish feeling of a worm in the palm of my hand.

  6. Let yourself fantasize and imagine possibilities. Make up stories about what it would be like to live in a different place and have a different lifestyle. One of the joys of travel is getting a new perspective.
  7. Pay attention to details of new surroundings. Note specifics you may want to use in a book or article at a later time. Listen for new words and dialects.

  8. As you would do if you were at home, don’t write when you’re too tired. Write when you have a few minutes, in-between things. You’re entries or notes don’t have to be perfect, just get it down!

  9. Learn to make notes in your own shorthand. Abbreviate, write in phrases, quickly jot down main points or make sketches to help you remember.

  10. Be curious and open. Ask questions when you meet new people. Find out from local folks what’s unique or different about their home. 

Have fun and happy traveling!

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