Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Over the past two months I have written about the art of mini-vacations and writing while on the road.  This month’s article, the third in this 3-part series, focuses on what to do once you’re home again and want to organize your vacation memories. If you have been lucky enough to go on vacation, a weekend away or even a mini-vacation this summer, below are eight suggestions for managing your travel notes.
  1. Update Your Travel Journal.  Assuming you took notes in your travel journal (of course you did, didn’t you?), go through them now and update and fill-in anything that’s missing.  If for some reason, you did little or no journaling on your vacation, do so now! 

  2. Done is Better Than Perfect. Don’t wait to find the perfect journal or album for your notes and pictures. Find something that will work and is good enough.  Two months from now you’ll appreciate having a finished journal or album rather than a shoebox full of unsorted odds and ends waiting for the perfect journal.

  3. Combine Things in New Ways.  Try mixing and matching styles.  Of course you can put your photos in a standard photo album.  But try putting some photos next to post cards in your journal.  Put ticket stubs next to a map.  Add 3-dimensional objects like buttons, coins or match covers.

  4. Add Interest to Your Journal With Collage.  Once you’re home, you can add magazine pictures, word phrases or cartoons to enhance your journal entries.  Add what pleases you.

  5. Use Your Maps.  Finished with that map that guided you through a new city?  Line the inside of your journal with it or cut the map apart and highlight special places you visited.

  6. Be Your Own Travel Advisor.  Make notes to yourself about what you would and would not want to visit or do again. The sooner you write this down, the better. After a few weeks back home you’re apt to forget the special tea you found or the name of the cozy bookstore you discovered.

  7. Advise Yourself on Packing Tips.  Once you’re home and unpacked, make notes about what you brought with you.  Did you take too many shoes? (Who me? I’ve never done that) Forget your umbrella?  Carried too many books with you, forgetting books are sold all over the world?  A few notes now can make for lighter packing on your next trip.

  8. Your trip, your choice. This list provides guidelines and suggestions for you to create your own travel journal. There is no right or wrong way to create a travel journal.  Unless you plan to gift your journal, write about what is important to you.  Save memorabilia that is important to you.  
Welcome home! Hope you had (or are looking forward to) a great trip! 

Write to me at susan@susanborkin.com and let me know about your travel adventures!

We would love to hear about the creative ways you have kept track of your summer vacation.  Please jump in and respond on this blog, by clicking the green 'Comments' link just below the P.S.  (Note: If you are the first, it will say '0 Comments' - just click that link.)

Take good care,

If you find you could use some help planning your summer projects, schedule a GRATIS SAMPLE COACHING SESSION via phone or in person to find out if writing & creativity coaching is for you.

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