Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercise Your Right to Create

Today in the United States is Election Day, the national ritual of going to the polls and selecting those candidates who you believe will best lead our country.

There are many intricate and complex steps that candidates go through in preparing for an election. In the simplest possible terms a candidate must:
  • Decide to run
  • Commit to completing the race
  • Get support
  • Patch up mistakes along the way
  • Stay on message
  • Stay the distance
Hmmm…Sounds vaguely like completing a very big creative project, doesn’t it? Let’s look more closely:

Decide to Run – When you take on writing a book, a screenplay, or a complex piece of art, you always begin with a decision. The decision is “Do I want to do this?” Do I want to give my time, energy, focus, and love to this project?

Commit to Completing the Race – Lots of other needs are competing for your time. You have family, friends, work, your community, other interests also demanding time and attention. To complete your creative project requires a huge commitment.

Get Support – Have you ever noticed the number of people who are acknowledged when someone has completed a book? So many people help and contribute to most any big creative endeavor––editors, readers, librarians, supportive family and friends. It’s true, no one writes a book alone.

Patch Up Mistakes Along the Way – In politics it’s called “spin.” In writing, it’s called a draft. A draft is designed to be corrected; it’s a series of small changes as you go along.

Stay on Message – Sometimes politicians have trouble with this one, but when you are completing a book, or a big writing project or piece of art, you regularly need to check yourself and see if you are still on track.

Stay the Distance – Perhaps the most difficult step of all is staying the distance, even when you are tired, overwhelmed, confused, or just plain down in the dumps. When you commit to completing a huge creative project, you will need to stay the distance.

Certainly running for election is not the same as writing a book or completing a complex creative project. However, both require commitment, hard work, and tremendous effort. Remember to exercise your right to create (and don’t forget to vote)!

If you find yourself needing some help juggling priorities in your life, contact me and request a GRATIS SESSION via phone or in person. Phone (800) 552-WRITE, that's (800) 552-9748 or write to me at susan@susanborkin.com to find out more.

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