Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It Is Solved By Walking

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of writing. I’m completing papers for classes I’ve been taking as well as working on a new book. There are plenty of days when I forget to get up from my desk and get outdoors for a walk. So I wrote these ideas down to serve as a reminder (now if I just remember to look at what I’ve written)!

STEP ONE:  Find some time to get outdoors on your own; early morning would be especially good.  Find a park, trail, street, nature preserve, beach or special area you enjoy walking in.  If possible, look for someplace with plants, greenery and birds. 

Do plan on walking by yourself. Since you may be tempted to do this exercise with someone else at least agree to a silent walk so you don’t become distracted.

STEP THREE:  Take a small notebook or sketchpad and a pen or pencil with you.  You may choose to have a special point of focus or create an intention for your walk.

Take several slow, deep breaths and begin walking at a slow, comfortable pace.  This is not the time for an aerobic walk! 

  Stop anytime you see, hear or smell something that interests you or you are curious about.  Touch leaves, feel sand, smell a flower.  Look at patterns, colors and designs in nature. Take notes on your thoughts, ideas and observations.

STEP SIX: Write down questions that go through your mind:  What is that plant called that smells like licorice?  Why are some blackbirds red-winged instead of blue or purple-winged?  Doodle; create mind maps or draw simple sketches. Take your time and stay present with your experience.

STEP SEVEN:  Return to the project you were working on.  Even though you may not have consciously been thinking about what you were stuck on, your walk probably provided you with a lot more than just exercise for your legs.
Next time you are stuck on what you’re writing or some other creative project, try taking “just a walk in the park” and see what happens!

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  1. Susan, Thank you for the email on "It is solved by walking"! What a wonderful ideal! I will need to do this for more reasons than you can imagine!

  2. Susan ~ I really appreciat your tips for getting into creative work, in my case writing. I want to comment about naps. Although I am a big fan of cat naps (with cats) there are some times where I would recommend keeping your energy up by closing your eyes in a comfortable seated position and meditating for 5 - 20 minutes. That can be more restorative than even a nap and your mind is active but in a different brain state more conscious than sleep. I would also reccomend taking a 5 minute yoga break if unable to go outside.
    Cheers, ~Leslie