Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Unexpected Benefits of Travel

In preparing for travel, it is easy to get caught up in planning, details and logistics. Then, when you are finally able to fully relax, the trip is over! But there are ways to extend the benefits of travel following the trip. Here are some things to consider:

Break Out of Regular Routines

Of course, once you return from a trip you can go right back to your regular routines––unpack your clothes or get the same food at the grocery store. Or you can ease back into your life, but not necessairly stick to the same old routines.

As you unpack, do your laundry, and put things away, look at your closet and dresser drawers. Is it time for some re-organizing? Do you have things you need to get rid of?

Get a New Perspective

When you have been away from your regular environment for awhile, you have an opportunity to see things with fresh eyes. When you walk back into your home, what is the first thing you notice? Are things as you would like them to be? Do you need to change or refresh anything in your work space?

Use this opportunity to see things differently and make notes on what you see. Has that pile of books or papers always been there? Are your plants looking a little droopy or dusty?

Promises, Promises

As you were getting ready to leave for your trip, did you promise yourself you would do certain tasks, “later,” “after my trip,” or “when I get home?”

Did you tell yourself you really would start eating better? Now is the time to start.

Remember the new exercise routine you committed to? This is a great time to get moving on it.

The “Later” Projects

In addition to the day to day tasks you need to get back to when you return from your travels, there may be some projects lurking.

Are there any “I’ll get to that later” projects you have been putting off? Is there some correspondence you need to take care of? Planning for fall programs? Re-thinking some of your goals?

Let’s Get Together

It’s easy to say, “Let’s get together after I’m back from my trip.” It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but stop and re-evaluate. Do you want to follow-up?

Decide and act on your decisions. You can either drop it, pursue, or plan a later time to follow-up. But you will feel better once you have made the decision.

Get double the value from your time away. Hopefully you have enjoyed your vacation break or travel.  But now, take advantage of the break and use it to get a new perspective, make some changes you have been putting off, and follow-up on what you promised yourself.

Welcome home!

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  1. Thanks, Susan. This is a great post. I am away for several weeks this summer and will come home to many things I've been putting off. This inspires me to make decisions about them all!