Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Healthy Binges

You’re probably familiar with unhealthy binges, but is there such a thing as a healthy binge? Consider these binges:


Film festivals are apt to have quality films focused on a particular topic or theme. If you love anything that flickers on a big screen, enjoy taking some time to get your film fill at a local film festival.


You undoubtedly have plenty of times when you feel as though you can’t write a single intelligible word. So if you find yourself in a creative flow with your writing, go for it! Write for long chunks of time and enjoy yourself.


If you find you have a little extra time and are in the mood for it, double or triple recipes like soup or casseroles. Take out what you will need for the next few days and then freeze the extra for days when you don't have as much time.


You just cleaned out the silverware drawer, but then you notice the kitchen junk drawer needs attention and you have the energy to do it. Don’t stop yourself! There are undoubtedly plenty of times when you won’t have the time or energy, so do it now.


You have a big pile of articles you have been promising yourself you would read. Once you actually start you realize the articles are actually pretty interesting. Keep reading; you’re on a roll!


Being careful not to overdo it, if you are having a good workout and have the time and energy, do more than you usually do at the gym or increase the amount of time you spend walking. Your body will thank you for it.


You finally get around to filing a huge pile of papers and it feels so good, you just keep going and start to go through all your files.


You start getting rid of a few kitchen items or items of clothing you don’t really use anymore. You begin to notice that the more you get rid of, the more energy you feel.


You clear off a book shelf to make more room in your office. You notice a number of books on the next shelf you no longer use and put them aside to donate to your local library.

When done mindfully, a binge just might be healthy!

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