Monday, December 1, 2014

'Twas The Night Before Writing

'Twas the week before deadline and all through the house,
An author was disgruntled and could only grouse.
Words were not flowing from her fingertips,
And after awhile, angry words flew from her lips.

“What was I thinking when I thought I wanted to write?
Each word that I scribble is so boring and trite.”
Where is the inspiration I dreamed I would hear?
My Muse is in hiding: she’s nowhere near!

“What to do? What to do?” she cried out.
With no one else home, the walls echoed her shout.
Perhaps there was an answer, some magic pill,
Or a wand to wave to conjure words at her will.

Alas and alack, no right words could she find!
She knew soon that she would lose her mind
And if she continued her angst with such worry and fret,
Her writing goals would never be met!

But then she remembered what she already knew––
The only way to the end was to work it through.
Like a whisper she heard “Put your butt in the chair,
And not only that, you must keep it there!”

“For the designated time you promised for today,
Put your fingers on the keyboard; it’s the only way.
There is no magic here; it is just doing the work.”
(Did she just hear her Muse chortle and smirk?)

So she set the timer on her desk clock,
And then, her phone ringer she set to block.
Any distraction or malingering tasks
Were now banned---need you ask…

What happened next to this sad author’s plight?
Oh how she hated when her Muse was so right!
Butt in the chair, fingers to the keys, clock set,
It all seemed perfect to produce and yet…

Something still was missing from this situation,
For she needed to pull words from her imagination.
She ruminated, thought, and these wild thoughts ran.
But nothing really happened until she began.

For all of her studying and planning and care,
She had forgotten the most important ingredient there,
She was no dummy; she might be considered smart,
But rule number one––she did have to start!

Take good care,


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Copyright © 2014 Susan Borkin

1 comment:

  1. Susan, your poem is not only clever; it's absolutely true. Thanks for making me smile.
    Congratulations on your new book.