Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Looking Backward, Aiming Forward

Happy New Year!  This month rather than resolutions, I want to discuss setting goals. What’s the difference? Generally, when we make New Year’s resolutions, it’s more of a wish list. I am resolving to do something, but I have no specific plan to do so. To give your goals more “oomph” here are some ideas.


It’s easy to be hard on yourself when you look back at last year and think about what you didn’t accomplish.  Try this instead.  On a piece of paper write down everything you did accomplish, no matter how small you judge the accomplishment to be. Did you clean out a closet or get caught up on your filing?  Did you try any new recipes or finally start writing in your new journal? Was this the year you actually used your gym membership? Try this method of giving yourself credit for what you have done before you start with new goals. 


Here’s a way to organize your list of goals. Start by drawing a circle in the middle of a piece of paper.  Now, divide the circle into eight different sections, just like you would if you were cutting up a pie.  Label the sections with titles such as friends & family, finances, work and career, health, personal and spiritual growth, partner or romance, and physical environment. These are only suggestions; create section titles that work best for you. 
Taking one area at a time, write down what you really want to accomplish in this area of your life.  What is it that you really want to happen?  Be as specific as possible.


With each goal you have written, write down how you will feel when you accomplish it.  Take your time, close your eyes and really see what your life will be like when you accomplish this goal. If you would like, create a collage or symbol to represent this goal.


This part isn’t as much fun, but it is equally as important to do.  Again, taking your time and closing your eyes, imagine how you will feel if you don’t accomplish these goals.  Take them one at a time, and without dwelling on it for too long, get a sense of what it will be like if you don’t accomplish these goals.  Write down what you see.  


Based on what you’ve written, select one or two goals to begin. Don’t worry about the goals that you haven’t selected at this time. Everything you really want to get done will get done; but you can’t do everything at once. The challenge here is prioritize what is most important to start. Perhaps you have had this experience in the past---doing too many things at once only results in getting nothing done. 


Finally, for the one or two goals you will be working with, make a list of action steps you will need to complete to accomplish this goal. One way of doing this is to begin with the end result you are trying to accomplish. Work backwards, and then reverse your list of steps. Pick up your paper or electronic planner and note deadlines for these steps. Remember that breaking each step down into tiny action steps will move the process along. 


You may also choose to write down any obstacles you can anticipate or might run into along the way. Anticipating obstacles will help keep you focused and on top of your action steps. Don’t forget to also note what you will be doing to make sure you have accountability and support.

Good luck and let me know if I can help!

Happy New Year,


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