Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stormy Weather & Winter Writing

If you have picked up a newspaper or listened to a newscast within the last month, you have certainly heard enough about winter storms!  Why not take advantage of the cold, snow or rain outside and curl up with your journal inside? 

Here is a great technique for doing some in-depth winter writing. 


Winter can make you feel like hibernating.  Take advantage of the season and go deeply into an area you have been ignoring or avoiding.  Perhaps it is a relationship you have been struggling with, a decision you are having trouble with or a project you have been procrastinating.  Whatever the issue, commit to writing about it for seven days in a row.  That’s right.  Take a week and in as little as ten minutes a day (of course you can write more if you want to!), write about this subject.  

Go ahead and complain, whine and dump.  Get it out of your system.  Continue writing for seven days, even if it feels like you aren’t going anyway.  Continue to get it all out.


Now pretend you are an interviewer and set up a dialogue with yourself.  Ask yourself questions like:
  • What is this all about?
  • What is really going on here?
  • Why have I been avoiding this issue?
During your “interview,” answer the questions honestly.  Write quickly without editing.  Allow feelings to come up.  Don’t think about it.  Just write.


After you are done with the dialogue between you and your “interviewer,” let the writing sit for a day or two.  When you go back to it, you may have a new perspective, insight or direction.

In the next few days, find another topic and start the process again.  Pick something that’s bothering you, feels unfinished or needs to be taken care of.  

It may be cold, rainy or snowy outside, but your winter writing can generate plenty of heat!

Take good care,


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