Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just a Traveling Fool

In the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of traveling. Some travel was business-related, and some was to visit family. But no matter what the reason is for travel, I think there is both bad news and good news about travel when it comes to daily routines.

First, there is the bad news. For me, travel can certainly upset my schedule, disrupt work deadlines, interrupt my sleep pattern, cause me to eat in less than healthy ways, not exercise, and skip writing. On the other hand, traveling can provide a number of possibilities for keeping up with my creative life.


Have you ever noticed how traveling can be a process of hurry up and wait? Rush to the airport, then sit and wait for your flight to be called. Or, get to your seat quickly and sit down and then wait (and wait, and wait) for the plane to actually leave. Or get in your car and begin your journey and get caught in a massive traffic jam. These scenarios can be less than fun experiences. On the other hand, if you have a book with you and you’re not driving, you can get a fair amount of reading done. Or you can catch up on your daily journaling, brainstorm ideas, or update your contact list. Bottom-line: use your waiting time to be productive.


If you travel, you will notice occasional unpleasant surprises. For example, the hottest day of the year in London in your non air-conditioned hotel room or your flight change that the airline failed to properly record, considerably delaying your arrival. On the other hand, have you ever arrived at a hotel or car rental desk and been upgraded at no extra charge? Or have you ever gone for a walk in a new town and stopped in your tracks and stared at a stunning profusion of azaleas in full-bloom? Bottom-line: be alert for wonderful surprises to inspire you.


Have you ever gotten on a train that was crowded and stuffy or sat in front of a little kid kicking the back of your chair on a cross-country flight? On the other hand, has the greenery, a stream, lake, river, or ocean in a new location ever taken your breath away? After returning home from a trip, have you ever allowed a new perspective from your travels to change your point of view or give you new ideas? Has returning from travel ever provided you with greater resolve and focus? Bottom-line: use returning home from travel to provide you with a new perspective.

While traveling can be challenging, wonderful, difficult, and fun (sometimes all at the same time!), don’t be a traveling fool. Use your travel time and experiences to stimulate your creativity and your writing.

Happy traveling!

Susan Borkin

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