Friday, July 10, 2015

When the Going Gets Tough

You’ve undoubtedly heard the adage, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” That may be true, but frankly, my first impulse when things get tough is to hide under a blanket. Actually, I do find that a nap can be extremely helpful, but only as a short-term solution. Here are some other ideas to consider.


Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep. Have you ever noticed how much better everything seems when you wake up in the morning after sleeping well? Scientists confirm that sleep is a critical component to a healthy and balanced life. Do consider a short nap during the day. When timed correctly, napping can be remarkably restorative. 


When in a stressful situation, my impulse is to eat exactly the wrong food. That little energy burst may work for a while, but soon wears off. Eating balanced meals and snacks throughout the day pays off in terms of on-going energy and the ability to think through solutions clearly.


Talk to someone you trust. Ask a friend if they would be willing to listen to you. Talk it through. If necessary, seek professional help. Most of the time we really don’t need advice, but rather the opportunity to tell our own story in the presence of a good listener. 


You don’t necessarily need to go to a gym or your local Zumba class, unless this is something you find helpful. Get outside. Move your body. Walk in nature and be among trees and flowers. Walk near water if you can. 


To be perfectly honest, writing is not always the first thing that comes to mind when I’m feeling stressed, worried, overwhelmed or depressed. But eventually, I find that not writing will actually make me feel much worse. Why is this so? Writing helps me to make sense of things, to sort out the loose ends, to find clarity and direction. A traumatic experience like death, serious illness or a major accident can leave us feeling unbalanced, confused, or like everything is falling apart. Writing helps put the pieces back together, perhaps in a new way, but nevertheless, moving us back to wholeness.

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Susan Borkin

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